Monarch Pool FAQs

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Is there an age requirement to enter?

Yes, all guests must be 21+ on all days for all events.

What are hours of operation?

Pool: Daily 11am – close
Pool: Lounge – Friday, Saturday, Tuesday 11am – 2am

Where is parking for Monarch?

There is a large gravel parking lot nearby on Germantown Avenue (between ACME and the Parking Garage), with a vehicle entrance near 2nd Street.  There is no overnight parking available in the lot, it closes from 3am-5am.  We do not offer valet. Please be advised that the small paved parking lot directly across the street from Monarch’s entrance is a private parking lot that requires a permit, parking here will result in towing.

How much are season passes?

Glad you asked! We have 3 different. View Season Passes

Are season pass holders allowed to bring guests?

Season Pass holders can purchase up to 3 Day Passes at a reduced rate for their guests.

Where can I find upcoming events?

Excited for the party? Check it out

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit Card – American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover

What is the breakdown of tax, gratuity and service charge at Monarch?

In addition to your beverage minimum, a service fee of 3% and sales tax (10% for liquor and 8% for food) will be applied to all VIP table reservations, gratuity is at the discretion of the guest, 16%-20% is suggested

Is there a coat check/bag check?

We do not offer a coat check but instead offer free locker rentals with a $20 refundable deposit for season pass holders. Certain VIP tables are equipped with safes and furniture with storage units.

Can I bring my own towel?

No. For non-season pass holders towels are available for a $10 deposit. $5 of which will be refunded when the towel is returned. For season pass holders a towel is included with your membership fee. It will be made available when members pick up their welcome package.

Are there lockers available?

Yes, they are on a first come first served basis with a $20 refundable deposit for season pass holders.

If I left or lost something where do I find it?

Lost and found

What is Monarch’s dress code?

You’re coming somewhere special, so please dress for it. Monarch asks you to be your upscale fashionable best, upscale style swim attire is required. Dress code includes:

  • No Denim
  • No Baggy or Overly Loose Fitting Clothing
  • No Hard Soled Shoes or Work Boots
  • No Sports Attire
  • No Jerseys
  • No Beanies
  • No See Through Clothing
  • No Chains or Large Jewelry

Important: All entry is based on management’s discretion. Any person who refuses to comply with any regulation governing Monarch or any rule of that facility must be excluded from the premises. For a full list of rules and policies click here

What items are prohibited from bringing to Monarch?

If you are visiting Monarch Pool, plan accordingly. All bags, backpacks, purses or parcels are subject to search. You are not allowed to bring the following items into Monarch:

  • Illegal Substances or Paraphernalia
  • Chairs of Any Kind
  • Food and Beverages (Including Alcohol)
  • Backpacks and Bags are Subject to Search
  • Bottles, Cans, Cooler Liquid Containers
  • No Firearms, Knives, or Weapons of Any Kind – Management Reserves the Right to Define
  • Non-Professional or Professional Cameras with Detachable, Long or Extending Lenses
  • Fireworks, Explosives, or Projectiles of Any Kind
  • Sharp Objects
  • Gum
  • Over-the-Counter Medication
  • Vaporizers or E-Cigs
  • Inflatables
  • Laser Pointers
  • Glow Sticks
  • Beach Balls
  • Compressed Air Horns
  • Aerosol Spray Cans
  • Tools (Wrenches/Pliers)
  • Pets (Except Service Animals)
  • Recording Devices of Any Kind, Audio or Video
  • Any Other Item Deemed Unacceptable by Building Manager/Venue/Security/Management

Are there prohibited acts at Monarch?

Guests may be ejected for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • Public Intoxication
  • Use of Illegal Substances or Drugs
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Use of Profane, Obscene, or Abusive Language or Gestures of Any Type
  • Possession of Illegal or Unauthorized Items Inside the Venue
  • Unacceptable or Incident Dress
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Throwing of Any Objects Anywhere in the Venue
  • Verbally Abusing, Threatening, or Intimidating Other Customers or Venue Employee
  • Participating in a Fight
  • Entering or Attempting to Enter Any “Restricted” Areas Such as VIP Areas, Stage Area, Back of House or Restrooms of the Opposite Sex
  • Going to the Bathroom in Areas other than the Restroom
  • Any Action that, in the opinion of Monarch/Venue/Security/Management, Places Other Customers in Danger or Reduced Their Enjoyment of the Event.
  • Ejected Guests Will NOT Receive a Refund For Their Admission or Be Compensated in Any Way For Their Loss

Important: All entry is based on management’s discretion. Any person who refuses to comply with any regulation governing Monarch or any rule of that facility must be excluded from the premises.

What are the forms of ID accepted?

A current, valid photo ID is required of every patron visiting Monarch and all guests must be 21 years of age or older (strict). The following forms of ID are acceptable: ACCEPTED (must not be expired); – United States, Canada, England, Ireland, European Issued Drivers Licenses or DMV Identification Cards (as long as they are not stamped “not to verify ID”) – Passports (as long as there are no missing pages, not laminated or handwritten and not expired) – Military ID Cards – Mexico Voter ID Cards PROHIBITED; – Mexico Matricula Consular ID (current) – Mexico Matricula Consular ID (old) – United States Issued ID stamped “Not For Identification” – International Student ID Cards (any type) – International Drivers Documents (License) – Handwritten Passport – Passport issued when you were a child or teen (cannot verify photo of the person presenting the Passport).

I’m visiting from out of the country, what is an acceptable form of ID?

Your passport will be just fine.

How much is admission into Monarch?

Varies per day and per event.

How do I get a VIP table reservation?

Please direct all inquiries to Monarch’s website.

What is the process for checking in for my table?

Check in with a host at the VIP entrance in front of Monarch.

Is there smoking inside the venue?

There will be smoking permitted, we still do not allow e-cigs, vaporizers, mechanical smoking devices, or cigars.

Is there a place to buy items such i.e. sun block, tanning lotion etc.?

No, not at this time.

Thank you for making 2017 such a great summer. See you poolside next year! 2018 Passes are on sale now.

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